Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Training session with the GB team girls!

What an evening with Sarah McKenna and Amy Wilson-Hardy, England & Team GB girls!

We have arrived at Regent's Park just around 6:30pm and immediately started the training. There supposed to be 3 sessions of 45 min but we end up having one long sessions until 9pm. While Edna was playing touch game, Rosie, Charley, Hannah and me, started with the GB girls. We were also waiting for Anna who got lost in the park. She end up on the soft ball pitch and found herself an hour later!;) Edna joined us after the touch. We also met some of our old friends from Kilburn Cosmos or Haringey. It was loads of fun and such a great opportunity! Sarah and Amy are soooo talented and so impressive. It was extremely inspirational. We also hand out some of our leaflets and agreed with Haringey for some social day in the nearest future!

If you wonder, what do you need to do to have some guns like Amy.. well, they are being contracted by RFU, the girls, not the guns ;) and they have trainings every day all day...  :D