Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Pre-season training starts on 27th of July

All, I am happy to announce that the pre-season is going to start officially on 27th of July. We have managed to convince an amazing person, James Wakefield, to help us with the pre-season until we will hire a coach. This is great news as James is extremely experienced and  has such a great approach to people! Let's make an effort and show in large numbers :) Also, James is happy to hear from us if we have any suggestions in regards to what we want to work on. I said to start with basics. Also, Matt (men's coach) is going to send some training suggestions over. I am very optimistic and can't wait to start!

Last thing, although there is no official session on Monday, I am planning to come to the park to do the fitness with the fitness group so please join us at 6:30pm if you fancy some light training.

Monday 7:30pm (mixed men & women fitness) [no official session on 25th of July]
Wednesday 7:30pm (rugby training with James)

The picture of sample exercise ;)