Wednesday, 27 July 2016

First training - done

So fellow ruggers.. We finally came back. The clubhouse was full of people and Matt the coach gave us a bit of a speech about the player's survey. Unfortunately, the girls were not included, so we were warming up our calves and ankles (and patience);) After that, we have all headed to the pitch and started some work with James Wakefield and James Newman. It was absolutely great to work with those two! We had a few new players including some proper beginners so that was additionally interesting.  Anna was around too with her 8 months belly taking some pictures and thinking what hurts more, giving birth or being tackled by Amanda.  Well, I can tell you, both are pretty painful ;)

Let's go to work!

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Pre-season starts tomorrow!

Ladies, don't forget that the pre-season starts tomorrow and we have a new coach to help us with the preparation for this exciting season. Don't forget your boots - the ground is hard, but not that much. I was playing touch last night in hard-pitch boots and it was bit too slippery. Let's go to work!

Monday, 25 July 2016

Urgent - BOOT APPEAL - Kenya

Ladies, Marcella Collins from Saracens and FRN went with Maggie Alphonsi to Kenya for some charity work. Apparently there are some really talented rugby players in Kenya but it looks that they are lacking total basics like BOOTS. So they have a deal with an airline, that it will deliver for free to Kenya all the boots that we will collect. It can be your old boots that you are not using anymore. But you are free to buy some brand new too! Originally, they said they will be collecting them at the FRN 7s, but I am going to do it earlier so please let me know if you have any or bring it to the Wednesday training.


Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Pre-season training starts on 27th of July

All, I am happy to announce that the pre-season is going to start officially on 27th of July. We have managed to convince an amazing person, James Wakefield, to help us with the pre-season until we will hire a coach. This is great news as James is extremely experienced and  has such a great approach to people! Let's make an effort and show in large numbers :) Also, James is happy to hear from us if we have any suggestions in regards to what we want to work on. I said to start with basics. Also, Matt (men's coach) is going to send some training suggestions over. I am very optimistic and can't wait to start!

Last thing, although there is no official session on Monday, I am planning to come to the park to do the fitness with the fitness group so please join us at 6:30pm if you fancy some light training.

Monday 7:30pm (mixed men & women fitness) [no official session on 25th of July]
Wednesday 7:30pm (rugby training with James)

The picture of sample exercise ;)

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Women 7s Team GB named

Great Britain has announced their squat for the Olympics. One of the girls that we have trained with couple of weeks before in Regent's Park, Amy Wilson-Hardy is one of them. Good luck ladies!

Saturday, 16 July 2016

Spring cleaning

As we are slowly approaching pre-season, we have gathered in the clubhouse to do some spring cleaning. The medikit was empty, although there was enough petroleum jelly (enough to grease a horse) we have new water bottles, some kicking tees, kit is ready too. Can't wait to be on the pitch!

Friday, 15 July 2016

Venus is recruiting!

Thanks to Andrew Hesselden we have this brand new amazing poster! Let's recruit! Let's go to work!

If you are here because you are interested in playing rugby, get in touch with us on FB or at Rugby is for girls! And we do teach complete beginners! Don't by shy!

Venus training with the Team GB girls again

The weather was not inviting but we went to Clapham anyway to take part in the RFU training session and very glad we did.  They began with some passing techniques in a session led by the England girls, one of whom didn't take up rugby till a bit later on in life (so there's still hope for some of us) and then worked the session up into some game playing skills; we are proudly sporting some of the marks of that today.  It was very cool to not only meet with some girls new to the game but also to rub shoulders with the elite. Jodie

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

IRFU Exiles Women Screening 2016 - please read

Dear All, we have been contacted by the Irish Rugby Football Union Exiles. They are looking to identify Irish qualified players who live outside of Ireland. They work alongside the players playing for their club as they only have 1 or 2 sessions a year.If you think you may be Irish (!!) and you are potentially interested in taking part in their sessions, please let me know on :)

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Another chance to train with the GB 7s girls

Following the last week's successful event with the GB 7s girls, some of us are going again to the Rugby Sidestep training on Wednesday 13/07. If you are keen to join them please contact Jodie at

It was an amazing experience and great fun! I strongly encourage everyone to go!

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Training session with the GB team girls!

What an evening with Sarah McKenna and Amy Wilson-Hardy, England & Team GB girls!

We have arrived at Regent's Park just around 6:30pm and immediately started the training. There supposed to be 3 sessions of 45 min but we end up having one long sessions until 9pm. While Edna was playing touch game, Rosie, Charley, Hannah and me, started with the GB girls. We were also waiting for Anna who got lost in the park. She end up on the soft ball pitch and found herself an hour later!;) Edna joined us after the touch. We also met some of our old friends from Kilburn Cosmos or Haringey. It was loads of fun and such a great opportunity! Sarah and Amy are soooo talented and so impressive. It was extremely inspirational. We also hand out some of our leaflets and agreed with Haringey for some social day in the nearest future!

If you wonder, what do you need to do to have some guns like Amy.. well, they are being contracted by RFU, the girls, not the guns ;) and they have trainings every day all day...  :D