Thursday, 2 March 2017

Three games left, where we are?!

Dear friends!

The season is coming slowly to an end. And what an end it is going to be! For the first time we are actually in the top of the league and with 3 games left, we still have chances to actually win it. We said goodbyes to some of our old friends who left the country, but we also welcomed so many more. Once Venus, always Venus so I hope the goodbyes were not forever ;)

We have 3 games left in the season. Two away and one, the last one, and the most important – at home. 18 of March, 26th of March and 9th of April. I hope you can all secure those dates so we can have whole Millwall Venus family with us.

I hope we can expand with the influx of the students and a raise in the popularity of the game amongst women. Let’s all help our new ladies to develop and grow. Let’s train hard and do some hardcore tackles.  

I have some great plans for the summer season break so we can keep in touch, train, work on our fitness and play some 7s. We also have tour that Anna is kindly helping to organise.

I will also be sending a survey very soon so you can all tell us what we need to work on and where you see the team in the future.

Peace and love!

18th March
26 March
9th April

Additional training: SUNDAY 5th at 12pm.