Saturday, 10 September 2016

Millwall Venus - Kingston Ladies

The gods of the rain have listened to our prayers and fortunately it's wet today! That means that the pitch should be much nicer tomorrow, just in time for our first home game agains Kingston Ladies. We lost our first game in the season so our appetite is huge to make this Sunday a victory day for the club. We still feel like we need more game-time together to correct our mistakes but we have a good squad for tomorrow and loads of energy to tackle hard and run fast!

Squad for tomorrow (not in any particular order): Colette, Chiara (King's), Polski, Kirstie, Hannah, Amanda (captain), Hayley, Jodie, Andrea, Charlie, Edna, Paz, Frech Jo (yes!), Chelsea, Liva, Inge (not confirmed), Celine (King's).