Thursday, 18 August 2016

Players news - August 2016

Players, supporters, friends,

The pre-season is full-on and we have very good numbers on the trainings. At the moment we are being coached by James Wakefield and the coaches from the Return to Rugby. Also Monday mixed fitness session have a good turn out from the women side, which makes me particularly happy as this is one of my goals for this season. Guys are also more used to our presence now, so we start to be properly noticed and we receive help and support from their side. We even managed to impress them with Rosie's super-pass;) It actually impressed all of us, I don't care if the guys are impressed;) This Monday we have learned a lot of things about the defence and it would be very good to be able to implement this during the game. Wednesday was Robin and tackling basics - ground is hard as stone and we do need rain!

In regards to the coach issue - I am pleased to announce that we have a preliminary agreement with a coach and he will be joining us end of September/beginning of August. This is a really ambitious guy and I hope that our cooperation will be as successful as Matt's with the men's team. More details will follow.
The season starts on 4th of September with our first game against St Francis. We have booked the minibus so the travel is secured. Numbers looks good at the moment so I am very optimistic about it. Now what we need to do is WIN :) Let's start the season well.

I want to also mention the recruitment program targeting the universities. We have secured a deal with a network of small campuses and we will be hosting a recruitment open-day on 25th of October. Also, Matt has secured an agreement with Queen's Mary and RFU and we are going to get some new players from them. 

Some other admin things, especially for the new guys - please remember that you need gumshields and it would be nice if you could buy the club socks at the bar. We should look like a team ;) Also, the short are available at Millwall store at 

Don't forget about your membership - if it's due - pay it :)

Also, for those who still didn't sign up for this - Jodie organises a recruitment gathering/social event in the Greenwich park this Saturday at 2pm. There is a ball game planned, bit of leafleting and pub crawl so please let me or her know if you want to join!

Peace and love!