Monday, 4 February 2013

Canary Wharf Sports Personality of the Year Awards 2012

Millwall Venus were shortlisted for Senior Team of the Year award at the Canary Wharf Sports Personality of the Year Awards 2012, held last Thursday evening, 31st January.

The main award went to a futsal team (who have been national champions for the last five years) but Venus were presented with a trophy for their outstanding achievements in rugby. 

Their presence at the awards evening itself attracted the attention of some potential new players, including Baroness Oona King, who was the Special Guest of the evening. 

Her interest in the Venus team was surprising given that the Women's Chair, Caroline Dieleman, made her think we were a wheelchair rugby team by saying she wasn't able to stand (she's currently on crutches) when taking the microphone in a Question and Answer session with the Baroness! The audience were a little shocked when the otherwise able-bodied team walked (not wheeled) up on stage to collect their trophy. 

The team's nomination and being shortlisted for the award was a well deserved acknowledgement of the dedication and hard work put in by all the players, management, volunteers and coaching staff who turn up every week and have helped to get the Venus team into an established league for the first time in their history. Congratulations!

(Left to right) Scott Vinnicombe, Kiki Oyemhen, Adrienne Meehan, Andrea Bielska,
Ellaine Gelman, Johanna Sicler, Louise Norris, Caroline Dieleman, Sophie Morris,
Edna Schweizer, Tim McDonagh and Kirstie Hargreaves.

Sophie Morris
Development Officer & Press Officer
Millwall Rugby Club