Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Millwall Venus v Old Dunstonians - Girls on top!

Venus Ladies 37-12 Old Dunstonians. With numbers fewer than expected the teams played 10's, with Michelle Gavagan nobly volunteering to be the 10th (wo)man for the opposition.

The game plan was to keep it simple, and stick to the solid drills and techniques that had been practised in training. Ruth Hartley kick started the proceedings with a try run in from the half way line, and Caroline Dieleman rounded this off with a conversion.

After a punchy start to the game the backs tore up the space, with further tries from Caroline and Michelle Ryan, who carved a sharp line through the opposition before sprinting away with the ball.

After some good defensive practice and the points gap being reduced, the backs once again made the most of opportunities presented to them by the forwards in what was a cream crackering second half with further tries from Ruth and Louise Norris.

Huge thanks go to Scott who stepped in when needed and provided the girls with a formula they can work with and improve on in future games.

The game also made the newpapers, Click here and go to page 39!