Monday, 10 October 2011

Worthing's Sevens Tournament

This summer our local ladies rugby team from Millwall Rugby Club took part in Worthing’s Sevens Tounament. It was the perfect opportunity to develop new and experienced players, put summer training into practice and of course, enjoy playing the game.
Early on Saturday morning we ventured to Worthing, so early in fact that the entire Millwall Venus team missed their 8.17am, but fortunately after much wrangling with the train inspectors we managed to get there in time to check out the competition. We started by ensuring the safety of the women by stretching and warming up well, and after the pep talks it was time to play the first match against the RLC Ladies. For many of the Venus Ladies it was their first game for Millwall, and for some it was even the first time playing rugby. Despite this, there was good communication on the field and everybody gave a 100%. Unfortunately there were some fast girls on the opposition who managed to slip away from us.
Then came the next game, which was played against a Barbarian team from Hove Rugby Club. Millwall Venus was able to put up a much better fight in this second round. Michelle Ryan made use of her speed on the wing and scored the first try of the day, however it was not enough to win the game. The team was eager to play another match, but as some teams had pulled out it seemed that this would be the end of the competition. Luckily, the Lewes Ladies felt the same way and agreed to play a friendly match. This match was Venus’ best of the day, the defence stuck together and the teams pace makers used the space well resulting in two further tries being scored by Delphine Blondeau and Andrea Beilska.
After all this hard work it was time to reward the team with some cold drinks and good food whilst watching the men’s finals in the warm sun. The team might not have won the competition but that certainly had no influence on the atmosphere as all the women were singing their hearts out the team anthem: “First I was afraid, I was petrified….”
The tournament was definitely a great learning curve for the team. A good day was had by all, and hopefully the first of many we will experience as a team throughout the forthcoming season.
We are always happy to welcome new players. Training takes place on Millwall Park 7.30pm on Wednesday evenings. Anyone requiring any further information please contact us at